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Tales of Keroro?

The identity of Namco Bandai's new RPG appears to have leaked out in advance. A new Tales game? Not exactly...


Looks like the true identity of Namco Bandai's "Project K" has seen its expected early unveil through Famitsu. As some managed to determine with a bit of detective work last week, the new title is based around the Keroro franchise.

Leaked details from this week's issue reveal the game to be Keroro RPG: Kishi to Busha to Densetsu no Kaizoku. The Japanese at the end translates to something along the lines of "Knight, Warrior, and the Legendary Pirate." The game is in development for DS with release planned for 2010.

The Project K teaser site that Namco Bandai opened last week was linked to from the Tales official site, causing some to speculate that the mystery title was a new Tales game. Was this just a marketing ploy?

Apparently not. While the word "Tales" isn't in the title, it looks like Keroro RPG is being developed by Tales series developer Tales Studio. It will make use of the Linear Motion Battle system as well as other characteristic features of the series. Tales of Keroro? Sure sounds like it!

I personally haven't seen the magazine for myself, so I don't have specifics. Expect more solid details to surface once Famitsu hits news stands tomorrow and once Namco Bandai's countdown clock reaches zero.

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