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Final Fantasy XIII's FFXIV Bonus Item Revealed (Somewhat)

Plus, two more character classes for next year's big online event.

Just a few new details on FFXIV in this week's Famitsu.

This past week, Weekly Shounen Jump provided first word on a Final Fantasy XIII bonus item. The magazine reported that Square Enix would be packing a Final Fantasy XIV campaign code with the first print run of FFXIII.

Jump didn't share specifics, leading to some rampant speculation. A popular theory was that the campaign code would be for a beta (for a million players, apparently -- FFXIII should have a sizable first printing).

This week's Famitsu has, thankfully, come through with some clarification.

The campaign code is actually for a "secret in-game item," according to the magazine. The code can be input into a special site following the start of FFXIV's service. Do this, and you'll get a limited item of some form. The actual identity of the item is being kept under wraps for now.

Strangely, the magazine makes a point of noting that the campaign is Japan-only.

Those who are considering investing in the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition hardware bundle can rest assured that you too will get this special code (they'd better give you something, considering the hassle you're going to have to go through to get the bundle if you haven't already pre-ordered).

Outside of the product code info, Famitsu managed to get details on two additional FFXIV classes.

Joining the current lineup are Gladiator and Pugilist, both of the Disciple of War. Gladiator makes use of a wide range of swords for up close combat. Pugilist uses brass knuckles, claws, and other hand-to-hand combat weapons, along with shields.

You'll recall that FFXIV's classes are categorized into four Disciplines: War, Magic, Land, and Hand. Each main category has multiple class types. You can see English language details on the currently known classes at the official site. This week's Famitsu reveals are marked as "coming soon" at the official site. We can probably expect an update some time this week.

Despite the new class details, the magazine does not offer more specific release info for FFXIV, so there's still no telling when we'll get to make use of that campaign code.

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