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Acquire Begins Gladiator Download Content

... Two months before game sees release.


It appears that the internal lines of communications have been cut over at Acquire. The company started off its download content program for PSP's Gladiator Begins yesterday... a full two months before the game hits retail.

This would be fine if the available content included wallpapers or custom themes. But the content includes just one character costume, which can only be used with the game itself.

The timing of the start of DLC coincides perfectly with Gladiator Begin's original release date of November 12. That date was changed in early October to January 14.

Maybe someone forgot to pass along the new date to the DLC division?

If you feel the need to secure your digital bits and bytes in advance (you know, in case the internet stops), you'll find the Gladiator Begins DLC on the PlayStation Store. To access the content, you'll need to input a special product code which was distributed exclusively at the Tokyo Game Show.

The download costume.
I'm not sure if the product code shown in the image will actually work or not.

Acquire does have some DLC on the way following the Gladiator Begins release as well. The first print run of the game will include access to a set of weapons. These will be downloadable from 1/14 to 4/12.

The Gladiator Begins box art and bonus DLC.

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