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Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song Single Hits in Early December

Two weeks of personal time with Sayuri before you enter Cocoon.

Sugawara performs the theme song at the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party.

Final Fantasy XIII is racing towards its December 17 release. But before delving into the long awaited Square Enix epic, you'll get a chance at an aural sampler through the game's theme song single CD.

For Life Music Entertainment will release the single for theme song Kimi ga Iru Kara (lit., "Because You are There") on December 2. The single will be available in standard form for ¥1,200 and limited edition for ¥1,500.

Kimi ga Iru Kara was written and performed by young singer Sayuri Sugawara, a native of Akita Prefecture. She appeared at Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII Premier Party event in early September to debut the song.

In addition to the theme song, the single will include another Sugawara song from Final Fantasy XIII, Eternal Love, and a Christmas song titled Christmas Again.

The limited edition will include some special Final Fantasy XIII goods, including a DVD featuring a trailer titled "Final Fantasy XIII Promotional Video TGS Open Ver." and a "black l'Cie seal" item. The first print run of the standard version will include a white version of the seal (I'm going to assume that this will also be included with the first run of the limited edition as well).

You can see a promotional video for the theme song at YouTube.

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