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New End of Eternity PV Has Dramatic Slow Motion

Our latest look at the tri-Ace and Sega tie-up RPG.


Sega provided the latest promotional video for End of Eternity yesterday. The source? The End of Eternity YouTube channel, of course.

The six minute trailer provides a great general introduction to the game, with looks the main characters and their background stories, the world of Bazel, the clothing system (complete with a peak at some of the guest clothing creations), the world map system, and lots of battle footage.

You can stream the footage below, but I'd suggest visiting the YouTube page for higher resolution.

Be sure and watch through to the end for some intriguing story sequences set to glorious JRPG-style hard rock!

End of Eternity will have some tough competition in late January/early February for attention amongst RPG fanatics (Square Enix recently tossed in a major wrench with the sure fire million selling Dragon Quest VI), but it's looking like a quality release. Keep an eye out for its January 28 release.

For overseas players, it looks like Sega America is starting to open up on the game under its international name of Resonance of Fate. IGN posted a full preview yesterday with lots and lots of screens.

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