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Who Is this Girl Atop the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Site?

Nintendo kicks off its advertising campaign with a couple of celebrity spokespersons.


The New Super Mario Bros. Wii site got a major update today. The big change should be apparent the moment you enter:

The lady looking so happy playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii is Nahomi Matsushima, a comedian, actress, and singer. Refresh the page a few times, and you'll also see Kazunari Ninomiya, a singer/actor/talent known primarily as member of male idol group Arashi.

These are just the latest cases of Nintendo tapping major celebrities as spokespersons for its games. Nintendo tends to use celebrities for all its major releases.

You can see commercials featuring the two at the site's commercial page. The page also has a couple of digest movies.

Other new sections at the site include a look at world 1 in the world section, and looks at Ice Mario and Yoshi in the action section.

Nintendo also gave the Wii.jp site an update today with an Iwata Asks section on the game (yes, Nintendo's marketing routine has gotten very predictable). I haven't been able to look it over yet, but if I see anything major, I'll try and put up a summary.

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