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Chunsoft and Spike Team Up to Make Thanksgiving Suck

I'll take Akina Minami over turkey any day!


Chunsoft and Spike are teaming up for a big Thanksgiving weekend event. Actually, strike that. They're teaming up for a big weekend event that would be a Thanksgiving weekend event if Japan celebrated Thanksgiving. Which they don't. Probably because turkeys cost so much here.

The event, to be held on November 29, is formally known as the Chunsoft X Spike Great Harvest Festival 09-10. The two companies will show off their upcoming titles in playable and stage form. This is not an unlikely pairing, as Spike tends to serve as the publisher on Chunsoft's games.

Four titles will be on playable and stage display: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (Chunsoft), Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer 4 (Chunsoft), Kenka Bancho 4 (Spike), and Madworld (Spike). These four will be playable as well, and will apparently be joined by other titles.

Some major guests are set to make an appearance. Chunsoft's Koichi Nakamura and Ishi Ijiro will serve as presenters. But the reason this event makes Thanksgiving suck is because the lovely Akina Minami and Konan will appear in the stage shows for, respectively, Kenka Bancho 4 and Madworld. If Thanksgiving festivities require you to, say, leave Japan in order to be with the family, you'll miss out on a precious chance to woo Akina (before she runs off with the Softbank guy!)

This is from when Akina appeared as one of the Metal Gear Online magazine idols.

This event will be open to only 100 pairs. To get your name up for consideration, you'll have to have registered at the event page by the 13th. That was two days ago, so if you're just now hearing about this, you're too late.

I will admit that the only reason I wrote about this was because I wanted to improve my search ranking for "Akina Minami."

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