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Impossible Breasts Will Shake in this Queen's Blade PV

You'll have to choose between this and Final Fantasy XIII in late December.


Queen's Blade has been one of the most heavily covered games in the online games media here. But I still don't have any idea what it's about.

I suppose I could find out by occasionally reading the text that accompanies all the articles... but I'd rather just watch footage of the form contained in this 7 minute trailer:


Just this once, I shielded my eyes from the proceedings and learned the following about Queen's Blade.

1. Queen's Blade is a simultaion game featuring overhead strategic planning and wild 2D cut-ins. It looks kinda Super Robot Wars-ish.

2. The game has a couple of original characters -- apprentice Cute and her Jusha Jan. Original characters? Ahh... so Queen's Blade is based off an "anime" of some form.

3. The game makes use of the new "Armor Destruction System" to provide never-before-seen sexy battles. Perform continuous blows on your opponent to tear their armor off and weaken their defense

4. Have the girls speak to each other in free talk sequences to make their favor with one-another rise. When the girls are on good terms, they'll support one another in battle.

5. You can make allies out of the "girl-type" monsters who appear in the game.

6. You can buy items and power up your equipment in a shop.

7. The girls' proportions are extremely unrealistic. They would definitely fall over in real life.

Oh darn... I wasn't supposed to have looked.

Like Ikki Tousen, Queen's Blade is a game that I could never play in front of my mom.

So, I'll play it when she's not there.

Unfortunately, Namco Bandai had the balls enough to release Queen's Blade opposite Final Fantasy XIII on December 17. This is unfortunate for Square Enix, not Namco Bandai! I bet Final Fantasy XIII doesn't have wallpapers like this:

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