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Okiraku Kart Wii Has Four Player Split Screen

Get a first look at WiiWare kart racing.


Arc System Works is readying its next Okiraku series title. Following Ping Pong, Slot Car Racing, Air Hockey, Cards, Dice, Tennis, and Putter Golf comes Okiraku Kart Racing.

Give yourself a cookie if you deduced that this new entry is a kart racing game. The game supports split screen play for up to four.

The Okiraku family returns to the selectable character lineup. The family of four has two new members this time around: creepy old grandpa and busty, blue-haired sister. Each character has a unique car, rated on acceleration, grip, stability.

You'll find the expected kart racing features, including items and gimmicks. You can collect "bowling bomb" items to blast rivals as you approach them. Jump platforms launch your cart forward.

The game is fully motion controlled. You steer with the Wiimote in NES position, rotating left to turn left and right to turn right. 2 accelerates, 1 breaks, and the d-pad controls your items. Of course, motion-based controls means that you can attach a steering wheel to your Wiimote when you play.

You can get a first look at the game in motion via this YouTube clip Arc released today.

Look for Okiraku Kart Wii on November 24 at the usual Kiraku going price of 500 WiiPoints.

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