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Final Fantasy XIII Prologue Set for Print

No need to burn your CPU on that darn official site.

This is the image Amazon shows for the book.

There's good news for Final Fantasy XIII collectors, as well as traditionalists who like their books on paper. A retail listing for the Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Promise novel recently popped up in Amazon.co.jp database. Yes, the Final Fantasy prologue is getting a print edition.

Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Promise serves as a prologue to the events of the main FFXIII game. For the past month, Square Enix has been gradually releasing chapters from the novel at the FFXIII official site. The official site is currently up to the fourth chapter of the third volume. Just three more chapters remain.

The print version of the book is hardcover and sells for ¥1,470 at Amazon. Pre-orders are now being accepted at the retailer.

This will probably be a great way to prepare for FFXIII's December 17 release.

The book won't arrive until December 24. This will probably be a great way to learn more about FFXIII following its December 17 release.

In other FFXIII product news, a retail listing for a product titled "Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Master Guide" recently popped up. Published by Jump publisher Shueisha, this book will arrive on December 17 and will sell for ¥1,155. The content of the book is unknown at present, but the retail listing does flag it as a strategy guide.

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