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First Look: Resident Evil 5's New Costumes

Folklore Sheva and Warrior Chris revealed in these first screens.


Following up on all those leaked details from yesterday, Capcom made a full announcement today of Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition's new content. You can see screens of many of the bonuses at the newly updated Alternative Edition official site.

The site's New Costume section shows off Chris and Sheva in their new "Warrior" and "Folklore" outfits. These costumes can be used in the main game.

Yesterday's report made vague mention of a new mode titled "The Mercenaries Reunion." Based off the official site's Mercenaries Reunion page, it's not entirely clear if there's any difference between this and the standard Mercenaries mode aside from the availability of new characters.

The page has slots for eight additional characters for use in The Mercenaries Reunion. Warrior Chris and Folklore Sheva are included here, so it's possible that Capcom is using the term "new characters" loosely.

Also shared at the site, some fresh screens of the Lost in Nightmares scenario. Check out master of unlocking Jill in action in Spencer's mansion.

Sadly, the site does not offer a look at the new enemy introduced at Famitsu. This menacing creature roams the underground of the mansion.

As detailed yesterday, AE will also include a second new scenario. Details have yet to be shared.

Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition hits PlayStation 3 on February 18 at ¥4,990. In addition to all the bonus content, the disc includes Versus Mode and the main Resident Evil 5 game, unchanged from the original version. You can even reuse your RE5 save data. The only difference from March's RE5 release is that the new package does not include that version's Making Of video and Resident Evil Degeneration trailer.

All the additional content will be offered to current RE5 owners as paid DLC. See yesterday's story for pricing and release information.

For the record, like yesterday's Famitsu article, the Alternative Edition official site makes no mention of motion controls. The game was originally announced at the Tokyo Game Show with motion controls as one of its showpiece features, so this is a bit on the odd side.

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