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No More Heroes: Wii VS PS3/X360

How much of a remake is the HD version of No More Heroes? Some comparison pics here.


In its debut article yesterday, Famitsu listed No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise as a "remake." Does that mean fully updated visuals for the HD generation?

You can judge for yourself. Microsoft posted first screens of the 360 version today at Xbox.com. Some gamers managed to assemble a few similar screenshots from the Wii version.

See if you can spot the differences in these comparison pics:

There's one point worth mentioning here about the visuals. The HD version of the game will, of course, have much, much higher resolution than the above shots suggest. Here are some higher resolution samples:

Outside of the updated visuals and a few other new elements (see yesterday's story), the PS3 and Xbox 360 version features one thing that was absent from the original Wii release: Japanese voice actors. Here's the voice cast:

  • Travis Touchdown: Kazuya Nakai
  • Sylvia Crystal: Marina Inoue
  • Dr. Peace: Chikao Otsuka
  • Shinobu: Eri Kitamura
  • Holly Summers: Fumiko Orikasa
  • Bad Girl: Yuko Sanpei
  • Dark Star: Tesshou Genda
  • Henry: Katsuyuki Konishi
  • Jeane: Mamiko Noto

There may actually be some differences between the 360 and PS3 versions of the game. As noted at Siliconera, an Amiami retail listing lists the 360 version as being the same spec as North American version of the game, with the same blood and violence as that version. The PS3 listing does not include this message, suggesting that perhaps the PS3 version will be censored.

Both PS3 and 360 versions hit on February 25.

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