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Konami Holds Peace Walker Cup

Metal Gear Online tournament has themes from upcoming PSP title.

Actual Peace Walker online events will presumably be held after Peace Walker sees release.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker isn't even out yet. It doesn't even have a release date yet. But it already being featured in a tournament of sorts.

Kojima Productions will be holding the "Peace Walker Cup" in Metal Gear Online starting later this month. Preliminaries rounds will be held from 11/27 to 12/6. The final round will be held on 12/12 starting at 18:00.

This appears to be just like any other Metal Gear Online tournament, but with some Peace Walker themes. During the tournament, the game will have special magazines. The BGM will also be swapped out for Peace Walker music.

The tournament winners will get an unannounced prize. Additionally, 1974 participants (I believe that's the setting for Peace Walker) will get an original Kojima Productions greeting card.

Those who'd rather pass on MGO and actually play Peace Walker can download the demo from PSN.

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