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Super SFIV Blog Promises Big Announcement for Next Week

Half screenshot shows Chun-Li getting beaten by mystery character.


Nakky is teasing a big announcement at the Super Street Fighter IV official blog. The SSFIV assistant producer (actual name Natsuki Shiozawa) promises a "totally huge" update to the game's official site next week, coinciding with the latest information in Weekly Famitsu.

Here's a hint at the big surprise:

This half screenshot was posted at the blog. It shows Chun-Li being beaten. But by whom?

Looks like we'll be getting a new character reveal next week! Nakky promises a new promotion movie, so whatever gets unveiled, we'll presumably get to see it in motion!

The rest of the blog post is about the upcoming SFIV national arcade tournament. Also be sure and visit the main Super SFIV site for profiles of Dan, El Fuerte and Rufus, complete with voice samples.

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