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Sega Gets Cute with Phantasy Star Portable 2

Tie-ups with Ocha-ken and other adorable critters.


It looks like Sega is going to be announcing Phantasy Star Portable 2 tie-ups right on through the game's December 2 release. Joining past announcements of Evangelion and Hatsune Miku tie-ups, the company announced today collaborations with four additional properties.

Characters from Ocha-Ken, Shinchaken, Pa Panda! and Moyashimon will appear in PSP2 as room goods. Additionally, PSP2 will feature cute weapons themed around the characters.

Sample items shown in screenshots include the Ocha-Ken Dogu wepaon, a Pa Panda! table for your room, Shinchaken stuffed animals for your room, and a Moyashimon World Defense Unit defensive item.

Sega has been packing Phantasy Star Portable with product and brand tie-ups. In addition to the anime tie-ups, the game features weapons and items from Pizza Hut, and Fanta canned beverages. Game-related tie-ups include appearances by characters from Dokodemo Issyo and Castle of Shikigami.

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