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Square Enix Counts Down to Final Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

New trailer next week! Plus, check out the latest full resolution screenshots!


Were you disappointed by Square Enix's much-hyped Final Fantasy XIII international version announcement trailer? Aside from some admittedly shocking news of an early overseas release date, there wasn't too much in the way of new footage there.

But new footage is on the way, and soon! Square Enix gave the FFXIII official site an update today, and the big feature is this:

The page, accessible under the Trailer section, is counting down to, presumably, the fourth and final trailer. It hits on Wednesday, the 25th. Why the 25th? I'm not totally sure, although that is when the latest game details should leak out from from Thursday's Famitsu.

Also at the site is a section on Hope's summon Alexander and two new field areas: Nautilus and The Sunleth Waterscape. The latter name is the official name for the Cocoon natural preservation area whose Japanese name I've latinized in a variety of totally incorrect ways.

I've already posted details on Alexander and the field areas in the past weeks. There's one point worth mentioning about Sunleth. See this screen:

That's Vanille and Sahz making use of a weather control unit to modify the weather. The weather control units are in place in order to conduct research on the ecology. I believe what you're actually doing through the units is interfacing with the fal'Cie who control the weather.

Check out this gallery for full resolution versions of FFXIII's character growth system, Alexander, and the new fields. You might have seen the screens earlier in the week, but they're now available in higher res.

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