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Sega Sells Phantasy Star's Soul to Famitsu.

You'll be reminded about the biggest weekly games magazine every time you guard.


I'm all for product crossovers, but you took it too far, Sega! TOO FAR!!!

Check out the latest Phantasy Star Portable 2 tieup:

That's the logo from Weekly Famitsu. You know, the magazine that gets all the scoops every week that get leaked out on English language sites before the issue hits shelves.

When you equip the game's "Iron Wall Famitsu" item, the Famitsu logo will pop up every time your character guards. Guard with just the perfect timing, and the logo will be even larger:

Sega doesn't appear to be playing favorites here. The post at the official PSP2 blog providing a first look at the Famitsu item promises a a variety of items from different magazines. Including logos, the collaborations will see some original items.

Look around the internet, and you may find some scans showing Weekly Shounen Jump collaboration items. Six artists, including the folks behind such properties as To Loveru, Shaman King, and Boboubobo Boubobobo, will be contributing weapons and costumes. The designs for these will be shared in future issues of Weekly Shounen Jump and V Jump.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 has non game magazine tie-ups as well. Lots of them. An Evangelion sword, a Pizza Hut shield, and Fanta recovery beverages are just a few examples. Earlier today, Sega announced a few cute collaborations for the game.

Outside of the collaboration information, the blog post provides a look at the game's new "Kinkyuu Mission," or "Sudden Mission" system. When playing multi mode or internet multi mode, the mission screen will sometimes display a "Kinkyuu Mission" category. These missions appear at random, and if you select another mission without playing them, they disappear. The drop rate is increased for these missions, so item collectors will want to be sure and play.

For Phantasy Star Universe players, the blog says that the Kinkyuu Mission system is similar to that game's Rare Missions.

The the latest post at the official blog contains a couple of PSP2 commercials.

Also be sure and check out this gallery for over 200 images from the game, including new main characters Ursula (the one with the green hair) and Chelsea (the one with the lighter green hair).

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