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Nintendo's New WiiWare Shooter Has an Environmental Theme

Recycle cans and kill off aliens with the Wii Zapper. If only it were so simple.


Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are teaming up for a WiiWare gun shooting game with an environmental theme. In 530 Eco Shooter, you blast away at cans of varying sizes using the Wii Zapper.

As the story goes, the mysterious Can Can Aliens have turned the cans from a can factory into vehicles and are taking the precious resource away from the Earth. Our only hope is this man:

That's Ossan (this is Japanese for a middle aged man who -- well, who looks like that). He works at the factory, and is a master of recycling.

Ossan takes hold of his Recycle Cannon, a weapon which can zap the fleeing cans and break them down into "GE" energy, fending off the Can Can Alien invaders in the process.

Your full focus when playing 530 Eco Shooter is on shooting things. You ride on an automatically moving vehicle, so there's no need to concern yourself with movement.

Once you've blasted a can, its GE floats around on the screen. Line up the on-screen pointer with the GE, press Z, and you'll be able to suck up the GE.

Collecting GE is important, as it serves as Ossan's energy. Firing at cans requires GE. You'll also come under attack from Can Can Aliens. Get hit, and your GE goes down. When the GE reaches zero, the game ends.

The game's name is one of those play on words that only works in Japanese. 5-3-0 is read "Go-Mi-Zero." "Gomi" is Japanese for trash, so this is like "Zero Trash Eco Shooter." Makes sense.

Look for 530 Eco Shooter on November 24 at 1,000 WiiPoints. The game can, of course, be played without the Zapper unit.

See the game's official site for a short gameplay video.

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