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Retailers Comment on DSi LL Release

Preorders calm, but sellouts expected as Christmas approaches.

DSi LL units on display at the giant Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya.

DSi LL hits retail in a few hours. Nintendo was being pretty quiet about the system until yesterday when, as detailed here, sample systems started appearing at retailers.

I wasn't all that impressed after getting a first look at the system. But based off some comments shared by retailers with Mainichi.jp, the system may end up being a hot product for the holiday season.

Frequent Mainichi contributor Taketo Matsuo told the site that the system gives the feeling of being a portable television. The screen size and feeling of quality are surprising, he said. There are a number of shops that are accepting pre-orders, but he expects a sell out following release.

Shunichi Kobayashi, games manager at used game chain Trader, told the site that, as with past DS hardware, he expects many people to not be able to obtain the system. He even expects some shops to sell the system at premium prices, and shortages to continue through the end of the year.

A representative of nationwide electronics chain Bic Camera told the site that pre-orders have been calm, but the shop expects DSi LL to be popular as Christmas approaches, and that sellouts are possible. The retailer expects demand for the system as a present under the view of "a portable that's played in the home."

Bic is also expecting a spike in demand for the separately sold 1seg tuner, which turns the DS system into a digital television.

Mainichi did a similar retail survey leading up to the DSi's release last year. Click here for a refresher look at that.

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