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Again Teams with CSI

Tecmo is not shy about the similarities with popular US drama.


This is the cover art for Tecmo's Again: FBI Chou Shinri Sousakan:

Does the composition remind you of something? Say, every single dramatic American television series in recent memory? Maybe this:

Tecmo isn't trying to hide the similarity. In fact, it actually released the above CSI image to the local press on Friday in order to detail a tie-up campaign between the game and the television series.

The campaign will run from 11/20 through 1/31. Visit a special CSI-Again site over the period, correctly answer a few questions, and you could win some sweet prizes, including a 40 inch LCD TV, a Wii, and JCB gift cards.

Set for release on December 10, Again is a DS "suspense adventure" from CING, makers of Nintendo's Hotel Dusk and Another Code adventure titles. You take control of FBI investigator Jay and attempt to solve a 19 year old serial murder. Jay has special "Past Vision" capabilities, which allow him to recreate past scenes using information collected during the investigation.

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