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Yakuza 4 Has Beef Bowls, Yes it Does

Sega lets staffers and press select the final spiciness level.


Confirming that its marketing campaign for the Yakuza series has gotten somewhat predictable, Sega detailed on Friday a tie-up between Yakuza 4 and beef bowl super chain Matsuya.

As with Yakuza 2 and Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4 will feature a digital recreation of a Matsuya restaurant. Players will be able to visit the shop to restore their character's health on the spot, or pick up some food for the road.

Sega shared screens of this latest incarnation of the Matsuya tie-up. You can browse them here.

Details on the tie-up were announced at a press event held in the cafeteria of Sega's Tokyo home office.

Rather than the in-game tie-up, which really doesn't need any explanation at this point, the event was meant to highlight a new collaboration between Sega and Matsuya. Matsuya will be releasing a Yakuza 4 packaged curry item. The chain developed the item with full cooperation of Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi and the game's development staff.

At the event, Sega had 100 staff members and members of the press try two variations of the curry to determine the taste of the final product. In the end, the spicier of the two won the taste test. It will be developed into a final product to be sold at Matsuya chains and select convenience stores close to Yakuza 4's Spring release. The product will also appear in the game as a "key item."

You can see pics from the event at Famitsu.com, Impress Watch, and 4Gamer.

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