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Final Fantasy XIII's Monsters Fight Amongst Themselves

Latest on Gran Pulse and the new mission system.

Alexander won't be so big against some of the beasts of Gran Pulse!

The latest issue of the monthly V Jump manga/game magazine has hit, complete with a four page feature on Final Fantasy XIII. Most of the information was introduced in past issues of sister weekly publication Weekly Shounen Jump, but there are a few additional details.

The magazine offers a look at Pulse, properly referred to Gran Pulse. That's "Gran" as Gran Turismo and not "Grand" as in Grand Theft Auto. I wrote it the wrong way in a past update.

Two areas of Gran Pulse that were previously introduced Weekly Shounen Jump issues are reintroduced here: Yashas Mountains and the unnamed ruins area that's home to lots and lots of Cie Corpses (I've been writing this as the Japanese reading "Shigai," but the FFXIII Wikipedia entry uses Cie Corpse, so I'll switch to that until an official English name is given). Besides these, there are plenty of other areas waiting to be introduced, but V Jump only points them out with question marks.

The magazine speculates that the ruins area, which contains the remnants of large buildings, could be a place where people who were forced over from Cocoon in the past lived. That would imply that Cocoon's forced migrations have actually been going on for quite some time.

Gran Pulse monsters introduced in the magazine include King Behemoth, which stands upright during battle and towers above Lightning. It releases a blue glow, looking like a creature of ice.

The magazine also shows one of those giant dinosaur-like creatures from past trailers. Named Adamantite, the FFXIII version of this classic FF beast stands many tens of meters tall, towering like a mountain over Lightning, Snow and Fang. There's a screen showing the three characters facing off in battle against one of these beasts.

Weekly Shounen Jump provided a look at a massive version of the cactus-like Final Fantasy series' mainstay Sabotender monster. The giant form is actually called Jabotender. Bet they'll call it Jumbo Cactuar in the English version!

Normal-sized Pulse monsters (they're still as tall or taller than your party members) include Caramel Moose and Gorgonops. Caramel Moose doesn't look all that menacing at first, but it has a strong body which can resist Lightning's attacks. Golgonopus has sharp claws and what looks like a bunch of antlers protruding from its back.

One point of note about FFXIII's monsters. You'll actually see them fighting amongst themselves at times.

The magazine also provides a few additional details on the "mission" system that was touched upon in Weekly Jump. While running around Pulse, you'll encounter crystal-like markers. These markers are the crystalized forms of l'Cie who have been unable to fulfill their required missions. They turn into this form after time as a Cie Corpse. You'll get to complete their mission for them.

To use the mission system, you first touch the crystal. You'll get to learn the memories of the crystal when it was in l'Cie form. This will apparently give you a target monster and its location. You'll have to defeat this monster in order to finish the mission.

The monsters for these missions are said to be tougher than your typical foes. You'll know for sure that you're fighting the target monster for a mission because it will have a "mission" marker above its head.

Clear a mission, and you'll get materials (presumably for item creation?) and rare items.

You can apparently clear missions multiple times in order to get a variety of special badges. This seems to imply that the crystalized l'Cie stay crystalized forever, which is quite sad.

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