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DSi LL Live and Nude

Impress Watch takes apart the latest DS hardware revision.


Giant screens aside, did you get the feeling that DSi LL isn't really all that different from the standard DSi? Well you felt correctly then.

Impress Watch recently investigated the innards of the DSi LL and came to the conclusion that the make of the system is almost the same as the DSi.

Almost, but not 100%. There are a few differences, some of which should be expected. The DSi LL has a larger capacity battery, for instance. This isn't a surprise considering that the system has a longer battery life.

The LL has a unique board. This, the site speculates, is probably because the button switches are on the board and thus the board would have to match the system's larger size.

It also appears the circuit board for the d-pad has been made sturdier, held in place by seven screws.

The wireless LAN module is also different from DSi. It's made by Mitsumi and has model number DWM-W024.

Visit the Impress Watch article for a closer look at the DSi LL's innards, along with some external hardware comparison shots.

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