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DSi LL Tops 100,000 in First Two Days -- Enterbrain

Hardware revision selling slower than DSi, but faster than PSP go.

DSi LL sell out sign at Tsutaya in Shibuya. Retailers expect the system to be a hot seller this year.

First week sales figures for the DSi LL aren't as impressive as last year's DSi. But the system did manage to trounce the latest PSP hardware revision from Sony.

Famitsu.com, citing the usual data from parent Enterbrain, reported today early sales of 103,524 units for the large screen revision. The system was released on the 21st, a Saturday, giving it two days in Enterbrain's weekly tracking period.

As a comparison, DSi sold over 170,000 units in the two days following its release late last year. PSP go, released earlier this month, sold just over 28,000 in its first day. Its weekly totals have since dropped to four figures.

DS platform sales, covering December 2, 2004 to November 15 (not including the week of DSi LL's release) stood at 28,191,716 units.

Famitsu did not share sales for the standard DSi system. Unlike the DS Lite, which was pretty much replaced by the DSi, size differences suggest that DSi LL and DSi could co-exist. Full hardware sales should be available later this week.

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