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Lufia DS Officially Sited

Check out the first screens and trailer footage.


Want to get a look at the new Lufia game without picking up a copy of Famitsu? Then check out the just opened Estpolis official site.

The site has sections for story, character, multimedia and spec available at present, with a section on gameplay systems currently inactive. In the character section, you'll find a look at three main characters, complete with first in-game screens.

There's also a lengthy trailer clip in the multimedia section.

Typical of a Square Enix official site, the site is backed by game music. Three tracks are available: an arranged version of the game's theme song and both DS and arranged versions of a song titled "Chijou wo Sukuu Mono."

As previously announced, this remake of Lufia II, named Estpolis presumably to match the Japanese name for the series, Estpolis no Denki, is set for release on February 25.

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