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Phantasy Star Portable 2's collaborations are offensive and make me sick

Wait... what were we talking about?


Phantasy Star Portable 2 has PizzaHut shields and Fanta recovery beverages. It has Evangelion swords and Hatsune Miku hair styles. You want to fight alongside Toro and Kuro? You can! Do you want the Famitsu logo to pop up every time you guard? It's a free country! How would you like to buy items from Castle Shikigami's Sayo-chan? No problem!

Yes, Sega has given the latest Phantasy Star game a thick outer layer comprised of completely baffling collaborations. And I'm seriously about to protest by not buying the game.

But just to be reasonable (as former editor of IGN's Dreamcast channel, I still have a Sega soft spot), I'll allow them just one more collaboration before I call it quits.

Hey, check out the latest Phantasy Star Portable 2 collaboration:

Sega is teaming with Weekly Young Jump and Playboy to bring sexy digital posters to PSP2's digital walls (which are already pretty sexy to be honest).

Five girls who were selected in the "Gravure Japan" grand prix, held by Weekly Young Jump and Playboy, will appear in the posters, which can be added to your virtual "My Room" area.

Too bad PSP2 isn't on an HD console, eh? You can get a closer look at the girls, and probably read some fascinating articles too, at their official blogs:

To get the posters, you'll have to input special passwords which will be revealed in upcoming issues of Weekly Young Jump. This seems like a subtle suggestion from Sega to pick up the weekly comic magazine.

I read through Sega's press release many, many times, but was unable to find any suggestions, subtle or not, about picking up Playboy.

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