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Classic Dungeon Teaser Site Has Optional Retro Music

A neat little preview of what to expect from Nippon Ichi's new PSP RPG.


Visit the Classic Dungeon official website, and you'll see something like this:

There's not much there at present. The site is in a teaser state, with a full unveiling promised for December 3.

But there is one neat little element to the site. Towards the lower right, you'll find a button that allows for selection between retro and modern BGM. Try it out for yourself. Hard to believe you're listening to the same song!

As detailed in this week's Degenki, Classic Dungeon is an original RPG from Nippon Ichi. The game promises retro aesthetics, mixed with a fresh new character growth system. Similar to the site, the game's music will be selectable between retro and modern versions.

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