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Kenka Bancho Gets a Movie

And a hot image girl, too!

This latest Kenka Bancho game is for the PSP.

Spike made a few major developments for its recently internationalized Kenka Bancho franchise yesterday. At its "ChunSoft X Spike Great Harvest Festival 09-10" tie-up event with ChunSoft, the company shared new details on Kenka Bancho 4 and also announced a spinoff movie for the franchise.

As previously promised, actress Akina Minami took the stage for a special Kenka Bancho 4 stage event. Her appearance wasn't just to draw crowds to the event. Spike announced that Akina, apparently a big fan of Kenka Bancho 3, will be serving as the game's image character. She will appear in television commercials and take part in other promotional activities.

Joining Akina in supporting the PSP sequel will be rock band Kishidan. The group's "Ken no Naka no Rock 'n Roll" (Rock 'n Roll in the Fist) will appear in Kenka Bancho 4 as theme song. The song was written specifically for the game, and will not get its own CD release.

The announcements were not limited to Kenka Bancho 4. Spike also announced plans for a film conversion for some time in Spring 2010. Actors and other specifics will be announced in a future update.

You can see pics from the Great Harvest Festival event at Famitsu.com.

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