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Nobunaga's Ambition Online Set for PS3

Koei delivers another MMORPG for PS3 owners in 2010.

Logo for the new expansion.

Looks like PS3 owners will have another big MMORPG to look forward to, and once again Koei is doing the supplying. At a press conference held yesterday in Tokyo, Koei announced that Nobunaga's Ambition Online will be heading to the PS3 next year.

As reported at 4Gamer, the press conference, open to press, insiders, and a select few fans, was mostly focused on the franchise's fourth expansion, Shinsei no Sho. This expansion for current PS2 and Windows players is scheduled for March 2010 release.

The PS3 version of the game was only touched upon briefly, with Koei simply announcing that development has started on the project. A release is planned for some time in 2010.

Koei previously delved into MMORPG waters on the PS3 with Uncharted Waters. At the Tokyo Game Show, it announced a PS3 version of Dynasty Warriors Online, but has yet to share further plans.

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