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Espgaluda II Black Label Date Set

The latest arcade to Xbox 360 shooter port from Cave hits early next year.


Your next big arcade vertical shooter arrives in just two months. Cave announced today final release details on the Xbox 360 version of Espgaluda II Black Label, including a final date and details on a limited edition.

This latest arcade to Xbox 360 shooting port will hit on February 25. It will be priced at ¥7,329 for a standard version and ¥9,660 for a limited version.

Standard version (left) and Limited version (right).

Cave will be throwing in bonuses with both packages. Limited edition buyers will get a special faceplate featuring artwork from the game's character designer. Both versions will include a two disc soundtrack. The soundtrack content is identical between the two.

The faceplate design.

Espgaluda II Black Label is an updated port of a November 2005 arcade vertical shooter. The 360 version updates the visuals and adds a new playable character. Modes of play include Black Label Mode, Xbox 360 Mode, Arcade mode, Arrange Mode, and Novice Mode.

The newly playable character.
Xbox 360 Mode (left) and Arcade Mode (right).
Xbox 360 Mode (left) and Arcade Mode (right).

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