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Square Enix Brings Song Summoner to iPhone

Musical themed iPod strategy RPG updated with touch controls and other bonuses.


Square Enix released a new version of its iPod strategy RPG Song Summoner today. iPhone/iPod touch users both in Japan and abroad can now download Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes Encore.

Like the iPod original, Song Summoner The Unsung Heroes Encore makes use of your music library to generate "Tune Troopers," units that you pout to use in grid-based strategic battles. You play as Ziggy on a quest to rescue your brother from the Mechanical Militia.

An actual legitimate RPG for your iPhone!

New features for the iPhone version include touch-based controls, new characters, new events, and a password system which offers chances at special prizes for those who clear the game.

See the official site for screenshots and pricing information for your region. In Japan, the game is priced at ¥1,200.

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