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Big Yakuza 4 Announcement Pending?

Mysterious messages pop up at the Yakuza portal site.


Sega's been providing weekly updates on Yakuza 4 ever since the game's announcement earlier this year. But last week went by without an announcement of any form.

It looks like Sega may be holding out for something big. There are some indications at the Yakuza series official site that a major announcement is on the way.

Visit the main Yakuza portal, and you'll see some curious messages from the pedestrians who walk across the front of the site. Messages include "It's been decided, hasn't it?", "Will something be announced?", "I can't wait," "It's at last been decided," and "Just a bit more."

What's everyone talking about? One pedestrian suggests checking back every day to find out.

Yakuza 4 is currently without a final release date, so it's possible that this is all in reference to a release date announcement.

Or perhaps it has nothing to do with Yakuza 4. The comments are all posted to the main portal which covers all Yakuza-related product.

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