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Nintendo Teams with Brownie Brown for DSiWare

Original title hits download service this week.


Brownie Brown is entering the downloadable games business with an original puzzle/action title to be published by Nintend on DSi Ware. Nintendo recently shared details on the new game, Kappa Michi.

In Kappa Michi, you act as a guide to Kappa, a big-headed chicken-like creature who does his best to follow the paths you draw with the stylus. Your goal is to lead Kappa to a goal, avoiding traps and obstacles along the way. The word "michi" is Japanese for "road."

You can see videos of the game at the Kappa Michi official site. The videos show how you can make Kappa follow your paths by drawing lines out from the character and extending them to your liking. You can also point the stylus elsewhere in order to grab the screen and scroll around. To help avoid obstacles, you have access to a quick break icon (the scissors in the upper-right of the screen) which makes Kappa freeze in his tracks.

As you move Kappa through the levels, you'll find baby Kappas who need to be rescued. You'll also find yourself being pursued by what looks like a giant hand emerging from a blue flame. Get trapped by this, and the game ends.

The game also features a few mini games and collectables that include bromides and music. The collectables can be purchased with coins that you gather in the main game.

Kappa Michi hits DSi Ware on December 9 at 500 DSi Points.

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