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Quantum Theory Goes Multiplatform

Once PS3-only third person shooter now on the way for PS3 and Xbox 360.

A Quantum Theory screenshot, released by Tecmo Japan back in June.

Tecmo announced Quantum Theory at Tokyo Game Show 2008 as a PlayStation 3 title. Today, the company's US division sent out notice that the game is now multiplatform, with a North American Xbox 360 and PS3 release set for Spring 2010.

Quantum Theory is an original IP and, according to Tecmo's press statement, the first attempt from the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive publisher at the third person shooter genre. Players control gun-wielding Syd and, with some help from the AI controlled Filena, work through "shape-shifting" battlefields, where the stage formation and obstacles change in real time.

In addition to solo play, the game promises four modes of online play, complete with voice chat.

This announcement concerns the game's US release. Tecmo has not yet announced a Japanese release for the 360 version. The PS3 version is currently listed set for TBA 2010.

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