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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker: The Strap

Let the flood of Peace Walker goods begin!


Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is a portable game, meant to be played on a portable system. One thing people often like to do with their portable device is attach a strap of some form to it. Thus, the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Original Strap item makes a whole lot of sense.


Konami will be charging ¥1,575 for the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Original Strap item, which recently appeared with a March 18 release date at Konami Style.

This is no ordinary strap. The patches on the body can are customizable. Each strap comes with four such patches. The one shown attached in the sample image is the insignia for Snake's Militiares Sans Frontieres group. Three other logos will be shared in a future update at the listing.

Those who buy the strap from Konami Style will get a limited bonus item. Specifics will be announced in a future update as well.

Konami style is also bundling Peace Walker with the strap. This will go for ¥6,275 and will include both the strap bonus item and the also currently unannounced Peace Walker bonus item.

Peace Walker itself hits on March 18.

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