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Game Republic Developing Dragon Ball Sequel

Action RPG sequel adds button controls.

Goku in his winter attire. The hero will change his clothing depending on the stage.

Game Republic is taking another crack at the Dragon Ball license. Coinciding with coverage in its print edition, Famitsu.com has posted a first look at Dragon Ball DS2, a followup to the Game Republic-developed action RPG Dragon Ball DS (Dragon Ball Origins overseas) from earlier this year.

Fully titled Dragon Ball DS 2: Assault! Red Ribbon Army, the sequel is based off the Red Ribbon Army chapter of the original Dragon Ball manga. Players experience the Dragon Ball story from when Goku first meets Colonel Silver through his collection of the seven Dragon Balls.

Like the original, the sequel is an overhead action RPG in which you work through trap-filled stages, switching off between fist and pole mode to combat enemies. The game promises a greater number of stages over the original, along with greater variety for enemies and traps.

Gameplay is seeing at least one major change. Joining the stylus controls of the original, players will now be able to select pure button-based controls.

One additional new feature mentioned in the Famitsu.com story are changing outfits for Goku. The hero's clothing will change to match the stage at hand. For instance, in a snow stage, Goku will wear protective cold clothing which matches the winter clothing from the original manga.

Dragon Ball DS 2 hits DS on February 11 at ¥5,229. According to the print version of Famitsu, the game is currently 60% complete.

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