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Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack Gets an Official Site

Sample the first ten tracks from the latest Final Fantasy.


Final Fantasy XIII is getting its very own soundtrack. It's a soundtrack so big that I've heard the Japanese parliament is currently debating a law requiring that Square Enix refer to it as something other "soundtrack," as all other soundtracks would look silly in comparison and the whole music industry would collapse.

A massive soundtrack requires an official site to match, and Square Enix appears to have come through with just that.

The Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack official site, opened today off the Square Enix music portal, has plenty of content for those interested in the music for the latest FF game.

Click on the "Track List" section for a partial list of tracks. Currently, only the first ten tracks from the first disc are available. Here's a rough translation of the names

  • 1. Final Fantasy XIII Prelude
  • 2. Final Fantasy XIII ;asfl;
  • 3. The 13th Day
  • 4. Rebellion Against Fate
  • 5. Blaze Edge
  • 6. Sealed Area Hanged Edge
  • 7. Those Who Are Purged
  • 8. Fight To Return Home
  • 9. Pulse fal'Cie
  • 10. Is it Okay to Flee?

(Note: The kanji for track 6 is a too small for my foreign eyes (curse you, Flash!), so this is somewhat of a guess.)

You can click on the names for short track samples.

In addition to the additional discs and tracks, the track list section will eventually contain commentary from composer Masashi Hamazu.

The spec section of the site has a look at the two versions of the soundtrack. As previously detailed, the soundtrack will be available in standard and limited edition forms.

The LE version, referred to as "First Cut Limited Edition," runs ¥5,250, comes in a "special box case" and includes a fifth disc, a drama CD with a retelling of the Encounter story of the prologue novel. This is just one of the seven stories that will be included in the print version of the novel.

The standard version runs ¥3,990 yen and includes just the four music discs. The above shot is, I believe, our first look at the packaging.

[update: Square Enix has shared official media of the soundtracks. See them here.]

Also at the official site is an "a la carte" page which appears to be just links to other FFXIII sites, and a movie section that currently has no content. In case you're surprised to see a movie section on a soundtrack official site, this isn't the first time Square Enix has done it.

The soundtrack hits on January 27.

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