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Estpolis Official Site Updated

Our latest look at Square Enix's DS remake.


Square Enix updated the Estpolis official site today with new sections on story, character, and gameplay.

The story section now has a "World View" sub section, which provides a look at the Parcelite Republic. This is one of the world's three kingdoms. It's technologically the most advanced of the three and has also prospered artistically due to its freedom of expression.

The pic to the left shows the president's mansion. Above the mansion is a holy artifact. One of the three primary artifacts of the world, it blesses people with water. Parcelite is known as the City of Water.

By the way, this is the president of Parcelite:

President Miles (you can LOL) looks totally evil with that suit and patch, but he's apparently highly favored by his people.

The character section has a look at heroine Tia. Childhood friend to main character Maxim, the 17-year-old hails from the countryside town of Elcid and in screenshots seems to be a bit overwhelmed in coming to Parcelite.

You know those item shops you visit in RPGs? Tia is the daughter of the owners of one of those shops. Her parents died when she was young.

The system section of the site is newly opened with this update. It includes looks at four areas of gameplay:

Real Time Battle

As previously detailed, Estpolis differs from the original Lufia II in that it's a real time action game. You move your character around on the top screen. You can swap characters instantly by tapping face panels on the bottom screen. Each character has unique capabilities, both for combat and for exploring dungeons.

Two screen Battle

Boss battles take up the top and bottom screens. There are a variety of battle types, but screenshots shown so far suggest that you only stay on the bottom screen (Square Enix hasn't specifically stated this, so I could be wrong).

Towns and Dungeons

Dungeons range from standard types like towers, ruins, and forests, to such areas as shrines and mobile bridges (I'm not sure what a "mobile bridge" is supposed to be). Towns are also varied, including snow, water, and castle types.

Wave Arts

To clear the dungeons, you'll have to make use of character-specific "Wave Arts." The site has a look at Maxim's Cross Dash, Selena's Icicle Blade, and Tia's Hook Shot. These can be used both for clearing gimmicks, and for attacking foes.

Visit the site for movies of a few of these gameplay systems.

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