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Tales of Graces Tops 100,000 in First Day Sales

Plus, which version of Call of Duty comes out on top?

Pascal's not surprised at all.

Tales of Graces was the big debut in yesterday's software sales rush. As reported by early sales source Sinobi today, the original Wii Tales series mothership title managed sales of 113,000 in its first day.

This puts it in the middle ground of recent Tales games. Wii's Tales of Symphonia Ratatoskr no Kishi sold 120,000 on its first day, and went on to sell 151,000 in its first week and 212,000 overall. Tales of Vesperia on the 360 sold 71,000 on its first day, 101,000 in its first week, and 203,000 overall. PS3 Vesperia sold 147,000 on its first day, 228,000 in its first week, and has thus far sold 312,000 units.

Thursday wasn't so great for other Wii titles. Winning Eleven Play Maker 2010 sold 4,800 units. Square Enix's second Wii Fullmetal Alchemist game debuted with a pathetic 1,800 units. Toshinden (which has absolutely nothing to do with the PlayStation Toshinden series!) sold 1,100 units. Family Trainer 2 didn't even make the charts.

The blog notes a troubling trend for Play Maker. In first day sales, its first 2008 installment sold 20,000 units. This fell to 8,500 for 2009, and now 4,800 for 2010. Maybe Konami should go back to Wiimote-only controls?

Call of Duty 4 looks like it will join Tales of Graces as a big performer in next week's sales charts. The PS3 version sold 64,000 units on Thursday. The Xbox 360 version managed 42,000 units. It's rare for a foreign game to top the 100,000 mark in first day sales.

Also released for 360 yesterday was Samurai Spirits Sen. It managed 2,300 units.

Portable game sales are as follows:

  • Naruto Narutimate Accel 3 (PSP): 40,000
  • Bleach Soul Carnival 2 (PSP): 7,400
  • R-Type Tactics II (PSP): 2,600
  • Legend of Heroes Super Price Set (PSP): 1,000
  • Luminous Arc 3 Eyes (DS): 20,000
  • 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (DS): 15,000
  • Again FBI Choushinri Sousakan (DS): 900

R-Type may seem low, but it's actually higher than the 1,700 of the original.

Winning Eleven 2010 saw PSP and PS2 release yesterday. The PSP version managed 21,000 units, the PS2 version 14,000 units. These are far lower than the 2009 editions, which sold respectively 46,000 and 42,000 units.

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