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The Other DSi LL Names

Nintendo had a variety of ideas for DSi LL's name. Plus, a glimpse at the unreleased DS Lite LL!


Nintendo's latest DS hardware revision is known as DSi LL here in Japan and DSi XL elsewhere. But the naming could have been different. It seems that Nintendo went through a variety of names before finalizing on LL and XL.

As detailed in the newly posted Iwata Asks column about the DSi LL hardware, Nintendo' staffers considered such names as "DSi Comfort," "DSi Executive," "DSi Premium" and "DSi Living."

At one point, the company decided to use the Nintendo DSi XL name throughout the world, including Japan.

Shigeru Miyamoto had his say in the naming. The Mario creator was apparently insistent upon the name "DSi Deka." Deka is Japanese for "large." Kazuo Yoneyama, who worked on the DSi LL hardware, recalled seeing a couple shout out "Deka!" when they saw the system at retail.

DSi LL's development appears to go back quite far -- even before DSi! The Iwata Asks feature shares a glimpse at a large screen DS Lite that Nintendo developed back in 2007. The large screen DS Lite had a 3.8 inch screen (down from the 4.2 inches of the DSi LL), but due to cost issues at the time, did not have the increased viewing range of the DSi LL.

Nintendo actually progressed far enough with the large screen DS Lite that they had a model in place and would have been able to go into mass production. Due to the success of the DS Lite, they put the idea on hold.

Following this, Nintendo's hardware team went to work on DSi. At the time, Iwata suggested releasing both large and small versions of the DSi, but they were unable to develop both versions simultaneously.

Even the DSi LL itself went through a few revisions. The column has a look at the first DSi LL sample, circled in the below pic:

It's just a larger version of a standard DSi, explained Iwata.

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