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Tsutaya Dude Expects a Million For FFXIII

Will the PS3 get its first domestic million seller after just a day of sales?

A wall of Final Fantasy XIII at Bic Camera.

Tsutaya gaming chief Taketo Matsuo is back at it again, making some big predictions in his weekly column at Mainichi.jp. The focus this week is, of course, on Final Fantasy XIII.

Matsuo says that the game is pretty much assured of selling a million in its first week. He even feels that it could reach this figure in one day.

Either would be an impressive feat for the PS3, as the system has yet to see a single million seller here in Japan.

A bit less officially, a retail blog that I've never heard of (yes, just a bit less officially) has said that Square Enix has shipped a million units of FFXIIII for the game's first shipment. Additionally, the company plans a shipment of 150,000 on launch day itself and another 150,000 over the weekend.

Also less officially (even less than the above), it seems that Square Enix is taking steps to combat early "flying get" sales of the game. As detailed at Hachimaki, one retail blog claims that Square Enix reps are going around to game shops checking for early sales. If discovered, shops risk not getting shipments of future Square Enix product until release day, which would be disastrous, unless you have some magic shipping service that makes its shipments before 7:00am (that's when FFXIII goes on sale at many retailers).

The Hachimaki story also has a screen grab of a reply e-mail from the Square Enix Information Center asking that people who see early software sales contact them with the name of the shop. I'm not sure what the original e-mail was about, but based off the text of the reply, it appears to have something to do with the uploading of FFXIII gameplay videos.

If these steps are real, they've obviously failed, as lots of people seem to have the game already and are flooding 2channel with spoilers.

(I'd be included -- uhh, minus the 2channel spoiler part -- but I managed to find a preorder for one of those sweet Lighting PS3s at Tsutaya and will have to wait until Thursday).

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