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Resident Evil AE's Second Scenario Detailed

Jill Valentine joined by Josh Stone in escape mission. Plus, new details on the game's Mercenaries Reunion mode.

If you thought Sheva's Folklore outfit was sexy, wait until you see her Officelady costume.

Capcom accidentally let slip the name of the second Resident Evil Alternative Edition mission a while back. This week, Famitsu is back with the details.

The second mission is titled "Desperate Escape." Jill Valentine is joined in the misison not by Chris Redfield, but by Josh Stone, one of the primary characters in the main RE5 scenario.

Jill and Josh, having just seen Chris and other characters off, find themselves left behind in an enemy facility. They must work together to escape.

The Famitsu article states that Josh serves in a partner role in the mission, with players taking control of Jill.

In addition to the new scenario, Famitsu offers a glimpse at new characters/costumes for the game's The Mercenaries Reunion mode. Sheva will appear in another sexy costume, this time sporting glasses and a short skirt as an "Officelady." Chris's second new costume is the futuristic Exoskeleton.

Josh will also join in on The Mercenaries Returns. With the Sheva and Chris costumes announced here, and the two unveiled back when RE5 AE was first announced, we now have five of Mercenaries Reunion eight costumes confirmed.

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