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Square Enix Seeks Final Fantasy XIV Beta Testers

Final Fantasy XIII buyers get exclusive access to PS3 beta test, to follow PC test.

Square Enix wants YOU! to beta test Final Fantasy XIV.

Remember how rumors spread a while back that Square Enix would be giving Final Fantasy XIII buyers access to a Final Fantasy XIV beta? Those rumors were quickly silenced when Square Enix revealed that the FFXIV campaign code that it had promised for inclusion with FFXIII would simply be for some sort of item in the upcoming MMORPG.

It turns out, however, that the rumors were right (most likely unintentionally). The campaign code that's included with FFXIII will indeed give you a chance at getting in on an FFXIV beta.

Square Enix began seeking participants for the PC version of the FFXIV beta today. Interested parties can visit the special beta page to put their names down. Square Enix will be selecting people via drawing, and will increase participants with each test phase.

A PS3 version of the beta will follow. This will be open exclusively to those who have the campaign code from FFXIII. Those without the campaign code will not be able to participate.

The campaign code does not guarantee access to the beta though. Square Enix will be selecting final participants via drawing.

As previously announced, the campaign code will also be used to give FFXIV players a secret item. Details on the item will be announced in a future update. Of course, the item will not be available until full service kicks off for FFXIV some time in 2010.

Those with the FFXIV campaign code from FFXIII can access this page to sign up for the beta. Those who would like to sign up for the PC beta can do so at this page.

Square Enix has yet to share a final start date for the beta tests.

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