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Gran Turismo 5 Demo Now Available

Sample one car and one track for a limited time.


Gran Turismo 5's release isn't too far off, but Sony is giving those who just can't wait a chance at an early go with the game. A GT5 demo hit PSN today and will be available for all to download until February 15.

The demo is titled "Gran Turismo 5 Time Challenge." Players have access to the Nissan 270Z (normal and tuned) for time attack play on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway course.

The Nissan 370Z in tuned (black) and normal (red) spec.

Internet options include online rankings and replay video downloads for the top rankers. The top rankers will also be given physical prizes of some form.

It appears that Sony has implemented a time limit system for the demo. The company's statement detailing the demo says that it will only be playable through February 25 at 9:00AM. Replay downloads will also cease at this point.

The full Gran Turismo 5 hits in March.

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