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Final Fantasy XIII Director Hints at Download Content

Toriyama suggests holding on to the game.


Square Enix celebrated today's Final Fantasy XIII release with a big countdown event in Shibuya. Producer Yoshinori Kitase was there, but director Motomu Toriyama was, strangely, absent.

Toriyama may have been busy posting his latest contribution to the Final Fantasy XIII site's "message" section. The post went live earlier today.

The message begins with, "From the announcement at E3 2006, we've at last reached this day. Final Fantasy XIII is released today!" Toriyama then goes on to say that the world of FFXIII is now ours, and expresses hope that players will experience the story with Lightning and the cast.

He leaves with a somewhat peculiar statement: "For the Final Fantasy XIII world, this is the true start. Perhaps if you keep it nearby forever, there will be some additional good things."

This sounds like a hint at download content.

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