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Giant Joystick Tetris Game Hits Arcades

Play Tetris with a mansized joystick. Play it with your partner for free!


Most gamers will probably remember December 17 as the day that Final Fantasy XIII was released. But if you managed to make it to an arcade, you might remember it as the day that you wrapped your hands around man-sized joystick for the first time:

Sega sent out notice today regarding the arrival of Tetris Dekaris in arcades. The new take on Tetris is available nationwide starting today.

First announced just prior to the September Amusement Machine Show, Tetris Dekaris is an arcade Tetris game with a few big twists. The action is played on a 70 inch monitor and controlled using a giant joystick, a device that Sega refers to as "Deka Lever" ("deka" is Japanese for large). Arcade operators are also able to disconnect the game from its default monitor and project the gameplay onto a wall.

Each arcade unit includes not one giant controller, but two. Tetris Dekaris is two-player compatible, with competitive and cooperative modes on offer.

Sega will be holding an event to mark the release of Tetris Dekaris. From December 19 to December 23, the event space in Tokyo's YM Square Harajuku will be set up with a Tetris Dekaris unit. Interested parties will be able to play the game on a 150 inch screen at no charge. Sega calls this event "Big Love with Dekaris." It's open exclusively to couples.

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