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Persona 4 Staffers Readying New Game

Producer also suggests "that" game could be on the way.


A while back, Persona 4 producer Katsura Hashino revealed that the team responsible for that title split in two, with each branch working on unique games. Hashino touched upon this in the final post at the Persona 3 Portable creator's Blog today.

Hashino explained that one of the teams worked on Persona 3 Portable. He said that next year, he'll have to get to work with this team on a new project.

The other team is working on an original new game which is nearing completion. He expects this to be an extremely interesting game.

Hashino also made a vague reference to what could be an even bigger title. Starting next year, the two development lines will gradually come together and get to work on "that," he said. The question is what "that" refers to. Persona 5 perhaps?

[Seen at Game no Hanashi!]

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