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Super Street Fighter IV Blog Details New Stages

All about the India, Korea, savanna, and construction stages. Plus, guess who will be introducing Super to PS Home users?


Today's Super Street Fighter IV Nakky Blog update has details on the game's new stages, which were first announced to overseas media yesterday.

According to the blog, Super will have four new stages: India, Korea, Savanna, and Construction Grounds. Here's a bit of what Nakky has to say about them.

In the India stage, the animals and people in the background will get feisty when the fight becomes intense. Other animations include cows eating the grass and the elephant standing on its rear legs when you win. There are some ladies in the background in saris. They will apparently cheer only when you're playing as Dhalsim.

The Korea stage was made in consultation with the Capcom Korea staff. There's an old man and woman holding hands. Apparently, they'll kiss when if you win (Nakky says they'll "Love Love," which I believe means they'll kiss... although maybe it just means they'll hold hands).

Nakky says that she's most proud of of the Savanna stage, which is why there are so many more pics of it compared to the other stages. There's a brightly shining sun in the stage, but it will sometimes be covered by eclipses. The meercats in the stage will clap if you win.

You can see a bunch of additional pics of the stages in the blog post.

Aside from the

Aside from the stage info, the blog provides a few details on the PlayStation Home Christmas event that Sony announced yesterday.

For Super's part in the event, when you visit Home Square at key times, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G's Airu and Meraru will introduce Super SFIV to you. It also seems that there will be some sort of pairing of Ryu with Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition's Jill!

Super's time schedule at Home Square is:

  • 12/19: 0:00
  • 12/20: 18:00
  • 12/24: 23:00
  • 12/25: 22:00

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