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Final Fantasy XIII Tops One Million

Long awaited RPG instantly becomes best selling PS3 game.

Yoichi Wada and other guests appear at the FFXIII launch event in Shibuya yesterday.

First day sales numbers are in for Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix announced today that the long awaited PS3 RPG topped one million units in its first day yesterday.

The actual number of people with Final Fantasy XIII in their hands may be higher than this. The number provided by Square Enix does not include sales of the "Lightning" hardware bundle. It's unknown how many units of this Square Enix and Sony made available.

For a PlayStation 3 game, one million sales is a major feat. Prior to this, no PS3 game had reached the mark domestically. The previous top selling game for the platform was Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4.

Yesterday, the company said that FFXIII had seen an initial shipment of 1.8 million units. At the game's official launch event in Shibuya, company CEO Yoichi Wada said that he was hoping for the game to cross two million sales.

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