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Nintendo Places Information Kiosks in Shops

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Nintendo has a new initiative in place designed to educate consumers about its product. The company announced today that it has begun tests on a retail information kiosk that will give users access to information about DS and Wii software.

The kiosk is tentatively named "Wii/DS Softo Osagashi Guide," or "Wii/DS Software Search Guide." It comes in countertop type, which is just a monitor on top of the retailer's counter, and floor type, which is a full standing kiosk.

Users will find information on approximately 1,500 Wii and DS titles. The kiosk provides the following search options for browsing all these games.

Search By New Titles
Displays games released in the last two weeks.
Search By Commercials
Displays software that's currently being promoted by commercials.
Search By Everyone's Recommendations
This is compatible with Wii software only. It displays games based off rank, as voted on by users through the Minna no Nintendo channel. Software is given four ranking levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Additionally, it's possible to view rankings by age and gender.
Search By Sales
Displays games that have sold 300,000 copies, and the top ten games from the previous week. Nintendo will be using Media Create data for this part of the service.
Search By Other Conditions
Search by five conditions: hardware (Wii or DS), genre, maker, recommendation, and sales.
Search by Keyword
Enter a term related to the software, including characters and CM spokespersons.

Additionally, newcomers to Wii and DS will be able to get information about the systems themselves and about connecting to the internet.

As an interface, the machine uses a camera and a touch panel. The camera is used to scan in boxes that users place in front of the kiosk. The system will then display information and videos about the game.

Testing on the kiosk will run through mid February. Based off reaction, Nintendo hopes to expand the program starting in the Spring.

Those who are hoping to try out the kiosks now can see a shop list at the guide's official page. The test program currently includes just four shops.

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